It Takes a T E A M! 

I’m happy to share my favorite people with my favorite people! It takes a lot of people and services to maintain a home and your life. From specialty tradesmen to shoe repair and restaurants, I’m glad to share. Homekeepr provides an easy app to use and organize the list. Consider it a personalized ‘Heather’s List! It will also send you home maintenance reminders periodically.

One thing is for sure, I do not put people on the list unless I have personally had a good experience with them or a client has personally had a good experience with them.

I am always seeking recommendations to add to the list. If you have had an exceptional experience with a provider lately, please share their contact info and I will add them to the list. If you’d like to add YOUR business to the list, email me!

Download the complimentary HomeKeepr App so that you can have access to this exclusive list!


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